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Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry under the overall management planning branch of the digitization p

The practice shows that the current socio-economic development, who has mastered the information technology will come to occupy in the economic development initiative. Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry to accelerate the pace of construction of first-class shipbuilding enterprise, we must expand the application of information technology research.
Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industries after many years of information technology, the units have been formed between the Internal network of interconnected channels that are vividly dubbed as the "information superhighway." In this real-time transmission of the highway design, processing information, is the production design to the production of construction management information in the conversion will improve the overall efficiency of the new stage. Shipping within the field of pipe production, processing and information management system development and operation, in turn ship pipe machining efficiency greatly improved, which is following the Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry design integration and sharing of information technology, the company all the units and network information sharing, design information-driven CNC cutting, CNC bending machine design information-driven information technology to promote the work of other achievements after another breakthrough in technology and management.
A, shipping tube before and after processing using information technology changes
A ship pipe machining the original work
Pipe processing plant in the design department received from the bottom of the tube processing Atlas (by region), the hours fixed by the person by hand calculation, accounting of raw materials (nuclear materials), according to the principles of group process through the "divide this" re- tissue processing Atlas Tube (by type). New books and materials processing map, hours of work issued to the processing of information with team, processed through several processes, each process must be physically and transferred to the ledger with the next process. In the processing of a ship, the manual points of the nuclear material, to play a fixed time-consuming 3 to 4 months, repeating the same form ledger and time-consuming and error-prone, can quickly become a bottleneck in processing tube.
2, aided by information technology management by following the way of tube processing
From August 2003 to March 2005, after less than two years of efforts, Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industries has successfully developed the "ship pipe machining and assembly with computer-aided management system", and in the control processing plant production trial run, to obtain to improve the management efficiency of the significant results, in the production practice using information technology to production management efficiency has been greatly improved, the production manager of labor intensity decreased significantly, the phenomenon of production less and less overtime. Particularly through 159,000 tons, 57,300 tons, 174,000 tons of practical applications such as ships, achieved pipe design, processing, collection of online information sharing with the process and standardize the management, and part of the process to achieve a paperless office, reflected through the promotion of information technology to improve the efficiency of the overall management of the feasibility and necessity.
The implementation of information technology means, in effect embodied in production management in the most obvious, the current of the system has been officially put into operation. Computer NMS's put into use, the manual has changed the traditional account management model, management efficiency, progress and work quality greatly improved, Guan parts processing Shengchan management area into a new realm. As the computer-aided management system after the screen has a super-information processing advantages, play a simplified production and management procedures, improve efficiency role.
3 Bo boat characteristics tailored software, has obvious application advantages
Tube processing computer management network system in use, changed the traditional manual accounting management model, management efficiency, progress and improvement in the quality of work, also benefited from tailor-made features of the software ships with bo support.
In order to control processing plant to better share and use information, developed the "Create this number and fixed working hours", "Material form and tracking cards", "control of nuclear material processing plant single", "site management" and 11 a management operation subsystem of the tube pre-processing techniques to prepare, prepare production materials, labor preparation, production scheduling, and statistics on the process of network management. The software developed for the actual production, and through application of production practices continue to improve and eventually become a distinctive feature of the software ships Bo, played in the production and application facilities for advantage. Not only meet the needs of production, but also created a software products with independent intellectual property rights, too.
Production practice, tailored self-developed "Bo ship software" brings many results, can effectively promote the production, but also improve the ability to create their own intellectual property rights, enhance their core competitiveness.
4 to obtain quantifiable description of the efficiency and effectiveness
As the production of design information from the design department directly from the network passed to the factory, replacing the manual registration of design drawings, builds accounts and other aspects of work. Production of nuclear materials in this room demolition job to reduce the "single-tube processing maps the cumulative length of pipe, sheet materials, the annex Atlas statistics, the statistical material tray unit," the work of the three programs, while saving the process of dismantling the nuclear fuse The large number of handwritten work, the last day of a nuclear material accounting staff to more than 70 root pipe, and very tired, and now a day a person can easily account for more than 200 root tube. As the computer-aided management of network technology, to produce a large number of tubes in the annex to prepare supporting work, from traditional variable reduction, work efficiency improved several times. Work with the annex directly to the web site inquiries, canceled registration plate with ledger books and small ticket statistical annex to annex supporting tube significantly reduced the registration staff, the workload, while improving the quality of work. Production site management workload of greater compression to remove the eight artificial registration ledger; reduce a large number of complex cases of tubes copy number registration and inspection process flow tube duplication of registration, reduction of working capacity of more than two thirds .
"Ship tube sets with computer-assisted processing and management system" in the production of pipe processing cost is real, 174000t 3 # and 2 # compared to # 2 removed the need for marine manual 3 months, using the software dismantling of this system only a month, and because of the management system has analytical, computational, comparison, storage and other advanced features, the series of ship pipe machining more obvious advantages. As most of which have been processed data can be reused for the next boat, the reduction of a production ready part, the first boat production preparation period can be shortened more than two months.
"Ship tube sets with computer-assisted processing and management system" application, the cost-effective while also promoting tube processing plant management on the grade. Accurate as the computer network, fast, large capacity, the advantages of information sharing, significantly reducing the production cost of management. Simplify the management information computing, statistics, transfer procedures, but also realized the tube processing information in the branch and with the local area network connected to the planning department, set with inter-direct flows, set with departments with disk rate tracking, with plate scheme and provide a basis for procurement management. Shorten and reduce the production of statistical data, production order delivery time and errors completely lost the manual dismantling of the hand nuclear materials, the original backward manual statistics management tools and models, so long engaged in the production of nuclear materials, scale, production site management statistics manual labor from the complex liberated, which is tube processing performance, high-quality management technology jump.
Returns the largest application of the results or information sharing, past production information to go through step by step progress of the report, these production statistics are now online, so that managers at all levels through the Internet immediately to grasp the real situation, to ensure the smooth flow of production schedule information .
Second, the Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy pipe processing plant Construction Information
Pipe processing plant in the practice shows that the application of information technology, significantly improve the management efficiency of the obvious effect that this case has fully explained: building first-class shipping companies have to rely on the application of information technology research and extension, using information technology to change the traditional production management, is to enhance the competitiveness of business management and one of the keys.
An application of information technology to promote a more down to earth from the start grassroots
Prior to the information, mainly top-down pressure, promote grassroots passive. With the continuous increase in the total shipbuilding, the branch increment does not increase, and thus to a more urgent feel to the information technology to be efficient, to change from passive to active, naturally, had applied R & D needs.
Pipe processing plant in the practice shows that the advance of information technology, can not always stay on top of anything less, pilot production units should start from the grassroots, from the combination of the shipbuilding company to start production of the actual carrying out research and development, so that the information technology falls acceptable, affordable and practical basis, to meet the actual demand, affecting the demand for new development.
In practice, the pipe processing plant to seize the "dismantling of the tray," this part of the link from the reduction in working to reduce the manual labor as a breakthrough, and design, set close cooperation with departments, in the computer management support, application-specific R & D The utility software of the traditional production operations management to change, while the actual application development on the problems found in time feedback to continuously improve and optimize the software. In this way, technical departments and units virtuous interaction between information technology and production to ensure a combination of practice, to the use of information technology change the traditional mode of production purposes. Information technology to promote the development of production, while production of information technology practice makes perfect in applications received. After a period of training, application, perfect, factory management personnel from the application of information technology, have tasted the sweetness, they feel the application of information technology is not a difficult task, and application of information technology brought about the improvement of management efficiency, and labor intensity decline is a real thing. As a result, factory production and management of information technology staff from passive to active, increase productivity, reduce labor intensity and speed up the application of information technology into the inner motivation. These successful practices, to promote the integration of other sectors of the information marked by modern shipbuilding model provides an example.
2 leaders take the lead in ensuring that the application of information technology an important guarantee for
Information at the grassroots level to promote the reason why face resistance, an important reason is that grass-roots cadres and managers are afraid of difficulties, some traditional production practices used to always feel the staff is high-tech information technology, learning and application of a lack of confidence.
Pipe processing plant successfully apply information technology to production practice, significantly improved management efficiency. A successful experience is the emphasis on leadership, awareness, and gear, take the lead in learning, application of information technology.
Branch leaders to promote the development and construction company with a high degree of responsibility. From the Party and administrative leadership to the technical backbone to foster and encourage a positive, progressive, pioneering spirit of the atmosphere, so that the information of the seed in this environment, growth and development, and offering to the computer division of the ship where the use of information technology to improve research management aspects of the support. Driven leadership in the branch, these people who never had contact with the computer, from the understanding of the mouse, monitor, keyboard started his own information-technology "literacy." Through learning by doing, learning in the dry, and gradually mastered the application of information technology, and the results achieved in practice.
Processing plant management control most of older, difficult to grasp the emerging knowledge, but the management process of the management team full of enthusiasm up. Their practice shows that: people who never studied computers, but also a better use of information technology
Third, Concluding Remarks
Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy pipe processing plant in the practice of building information Description: basic units have the ability, also it is necessary to establish a distinctive focus on improving management efficiency of information management systems to strategy and business development echoes so that the competitiveness of enterprises stood strong market position. Pipe processing plant pragmatic promote information technology in the Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry has played a model role. Proof that as long to overcome the difficulties, party and government leaders work together, basic units can also do the promotion and application of information technology and benefit from. Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industries, after the completion of the overall plan to solve the basic research and applied technology research in the same top-level attention, but also make great efforts to bottom-up, the urgent demand from the grassroots units of the launching of the application of information technology, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of grassroots units, in turn stimulate demand for their new application, it seems a small step, is actually a big step is to lay the foundation for Digital Shipbuilding is the Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industries to develop according to their characteristics of digital shipbuilding part of overall strategy. The technical standards and a unified application environment in a point from the bottom surface will design information management in the Gong Xiang Xun Su Sheng Chan applications in the last gradually Wanshangoujian Zhizao into a single, integrated information management system. This is in line with China's national conditions of ship-building enterprises an effective way to digital.

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